Overwatch is what developers and publishers mean when they say they’re going with a “games as a service” development model. Sell the game to consumers once, offer tons of free content updates and special events, toss in a few completely unnecessary microtransactions and reap the benefits.

That trend continues with Blizzard’s Overwatch, and the Winter Wonderland event has me completely addicted to the game once more.

I took a break, you see, to review titles and catch up on all the new stuff that was rolling out in the fall. As I wrapped up my last pile of reviews, Blizzard updated Overwatch to include a bevy of new winter content.

Here, look at all the unlocks and themed maps. They’re glorious.

After the hiatus, getting back into Overwatch was like riding a bike, as the old adage goes. I found myself sidling up to a few of my main heroes, rolling into the glorious new Arcade Mode and trying my hand at Season 3 of Competitive.

Now I’m back to staying up way too late to try and hit Diamond rank (I’m stupid close), and I’m enjoying the process of unlocking all the Christmas goodness.

Oh! And the new Symmetra, my goodness. Look, if you haven’t played this game since launch, you may want to consider diving in now. The Christmas content is great, but the new Symmetra? She’s almost broken, and you should absolutely play her before Blizzard debuffs her a bit.

Her gun absolutely microwaves people and has a longer lock-on range. Her new ultimate gives her a choice between the classic teleporter and a shield generator. That generator is clutch, and it dishes out a huge radius of 75 shield points that quickly regen for your full team. It’s amazing.


Overwatch is great, it keeps getting better

I digress. I offer this to you on this weekend day: Overwatch is still good. It’s somehow getting better. The new content is great and themed events are the best thing going in the “games as a service” industry right now.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a Diamond to try to crack.

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