Overwatch is scheduled for a new event on April 11, and Overwatch events always mean new Overwatch character skins. These often leak before the event actually happens, and it was Microsoft who spoiled the news for everyone this time.

Subreddit user AsranStark snagged this image from the Xbox Live Marketplace over the weekend, and it suggests that Mercy, Tracer, Torbjorn and Reinhardt are all feeling a bit blue in the upcoming event.

Either that or they are on their way to a Mega Man convention… in which case I’d totally reinstall the game in preparation for this new event!

The costume appeared in the comic as well

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this costume either. The team recently turned up wearing them in an official Overwatch comic called Uprising, so the appearance there gives this leak more validity. The April 11 event also ties more closely to the actual canon of the franchise, meaning we’ll finally bet getting some official story out of the game.

Keep an eye out on April 11 for the latest Overwatch costumes and events.