Overwatch‘s newest map, Oasis, has officially made the jump from it’s testing phase on the PTR (Public Test Realm) to full release. The map is now available as a free update, as always, on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What are you getting with Oasis? It’s a control map, complete with a single capture point and three phases of the map in different areas that continue as players play. Blizzard dropped a preview video to cover it.

Yes, those cars can hit you. Yes, there’s a lift that shoots players up into the air to hit new points. It’s a neat map that should complement the current roster well. We can always use more control maps, too.

Feel like digging into some screenshots? Cool.

Blizzard also dropped a pile of official screenshots for fans to consider while they sit at work or in class, thinking about the game. Like one of us might be doing right this very second. Sobbing.

Anyways, here are the shots. The update is already live, if you don’t have it already.