Say you finally find that group of players you jive fairly well in Competitive while playing Overwatch. You coordinate, some players are willing to fill roles when needed and the team attitude is super positive after a win. This happens pretty often, though you’re just as likely to hit toxic randoms, too.

Blizzard just rolled out a feature that’ll make sticking with these players easier.

It’s called “Stay as Team,” and it’s a new button that’s been added to the match results screen once it’s all said and done. If two or more players elect to “Say as Team,” they’ll form a group and automatically meet in the start screen. It’s instant, works well and already proves awesome.

Before this, we had friend requests, partying up and then playing.

We could do this before, of course. It just required more time spent and more social awkwardness. If a random person asks to friend me on, I’m a bit hesitant. It was a requirement to keep solid players in Overwatch, though, so great rounds always ended with a few minutes of friending before we could keep going.

That’s time wasted and more folks on my friends list I’ll likely never play with again.

This feature is glorious for a big reason: it keeps things simple. I don’t need to make friends to keep rolling, I don’t need to clutter my friends list with people I don’t know. I don’t need to wait around for people to get set up with new buddies. I just vote to stay as a team, and we keep playing.

Even further, I spend less time solo playing and more time reaping the benefit of a 20% experience bonus from being grouped. That bit is great.

If you’re a socially awkward player, this new feature is even better.

When I play games, I’m one of the folks on voice chat by default. I talk with my team, I make jokes and I try to be fun to play with. I get that some people hate doing that, and some just join voice chat and mute their mics to stay coordinated without bothering with the social stuff.

I get it. Games don’t have to be social. Overwatch, though, is a title that pushes cooperation in order to achieve success. This Stay as Team feature makes it so the socially anxious among us can just click a button to announce their choice to stay together and simply roll on.

Do other games offer a similar feature? If not, they should. This is fantastic.