There is one line in Overwatch which has always sounded so much more authentic than the rest of the pre-recorded lines, and it comes from… gulp… Mei.

Oh Mei…

Fans who play as the ice queen all know her “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry” line delivered over the countless times they’ve frozen an opponent and jammed an icicle through their brains. The way she says it, you genuinely feel like the character is apologizing for her horrific deed, and that’s because actress Zhang Yu was actually apologizing while delivering it.

According to Senior Game Designer Michael Chu at Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, the line is his favorite in the game, and he caught it on accident while recording after Zhang made a mistake.

The actress [Zhang Yu] just made a mistake and was saying ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry. And I turned to the engineer and asked, ‘Did you get that?’ And he was like, ‘Yep,’ and I was like, ‘Send that to me.’


And just so you know, when I set you in ice and drill your skull with a frozen spike, I’m not nearly as sorry as Mei is.