When you’ve dumped something like 200 hours into Overwatch, your Loot Box prospects start to turn pretty grim. You might get a few things you don’t have here and there, but you’re largely likely to land with duplicates. Those dupes yield credits, but not enough to really add up too fast.

Better than duplicates are the piles of credits that drop occasionally, and these are broken into tiers of value.

In the Developer Update you see above, Director Jeff Kaplan announces that they’ll be drastically reducing the number of duplicates players see in Loot Boxes. Even better, to balance that drop, they’ll ratchet up the rate of credit drops.

Hopefully, gone are the days of landing with four duplicates and a reduced credit pool. Instead, we’ll be able to make more in-game bucks for buying sweet, event-tied loot down the line.

These are changes I can get behind.