Alright, I’m officially convinced that Blizzard is getting set to show us something awesome or new regarding Overwatch at E3 this year. And, I know this is absolutely nuts, I’m really hoping for the announcement of console versions to go alongside whatever they might be showing off.

Today we have more than 13 minutes of gameplay for McCree, the cowboy with a robot arm. The gametype is different for this video, too. It’s an “escort the payload” mission. One team defends the moving objective while the other tries to bring it down.

McCree is a character that requires accurate shooting. His revolver deals excellent damage at a distance, but it’s all hipfire. You can use his Deadeye special that lets you lock in on and instantly kill several opponents, too.

We’ve also seen Mercy and Zenyatta so far. You can check out their gameplay videos separately by clicking their names.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more characters in the coming days and weeks. Overwatch does not have a PC release date yet. A beta will kick off later this year, though. We’ll have more on the game as it comes.