Zenyatta is too weak right now. Every Overwatch player knows it. Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan stated on the official Battle.net boards that they’re internally discussing Zenyatta. Here’s what he said.

We’ve been talking about him. We wanted to see how the Widowmaker and McCree balance changes played out before making any changes. We’re exploring some options right now. Nothing more to report at this time.

I love Zenyatta. He’s an odd blend of support and offense that’s capable of healing friendlies while tossing damage buffs on bad guys and absolutely chewing through tanks.

The problem? Zenyatta is one of the weakest characters in the game with a health pool of 150 hit points, just like Tracer. Only unlike Tracer, Zenyatta has absolutely no ability to escape. Tracer can blink out of a situation or rewind time by three seconds. Zenyatta’s only  hope when he’s in a jam is spending his invulnerability ultimate and slowly floating away.

It’s so bad that the community is noting that Zenyatta is the only character not being picked at big tournaments. They’re railing on his low health pool and inability to escape, and they’ve stated that he’s “absolute garbage.” That’s a problem.

As a Zenyatta player with six hours of time with the character, I can’t say they’re wrong. He’s far, far, far too squishy.

Who knows what Blizzard is discussing or testing, but it seems to me that a larger health pool would help Zen a lot. The suggestion directly below Kaplan’s response on Battle.net is sort of neat. That user offers that Zenyatta should heal when he tosses a healing orb on an ally (albeit slightly) while an enemy that’s been hit with Zenyatta’s discord orb (that’s the damage buff) should deal less damage to Zenyatta himself.

What do you think? Does Zenyatta need fixing?