Part of the Overwatch update that’s being tested now on the PTR (Public Test Realm) is an Arcade Mode. That Arcade Mode features several unique game types, including both 3 versus 3 and 1 versus 1.

Currently, 1 versus 1 is only open to players playing solo. That is, formed groups cannot enter the 1v1 mode. You can’t party up with a friend and dive into 1v1 to test your mettle.

Fans have been asking Blizzard to change that feature, and the developer has responded. Here’s an exchange on Twitter.

Overwatch‘s 1v1 will work for friends… and enemies

Cool, I’ll be able to throw down in Overwatch with my friends. That’s pretty great.

It would also be great if we could challenge strangers to 1v1 games. What about a feature where clicking on a trash-talker’s name in chat opens up a “Challenge to 1v1 Battle” option? Can you imagine the lunatics spamming “1v1 me, bro!” into chat.

Wait a minute, maybe I don’t like this idea after all.