Overwatch - Year of the Rooster - 27

Part of Overwatch‘s Year of the Rooster event is a brand new brawl called “Capture the Rooster.” It’s effectively Capture the Flag, and it’s something fans of Overwatch have been after for a long time.

That totally makes sense when you think about the landscape of the online shooter. Capture the Flag has been a constant in the genre for decades, so it might have a home in Overwatch.

Well, maybe. Director Jeff Kaplan offers in in the update video directly below that developing Capture the Flag hasn’t been easy.

“Over the years, when we were iterating and testing various versions of capture the flag, we actually gave up on the mode for awhile…We felt like what we didn’t want to do was add a bunch of rules that no longer made Overwatch heroes feel like Overwatch heroes.”

Will we see CTF in Overwatch for good?

Kaplan offered this about Capture the Flag as a permanent fixture in Overwatch, by way of Polygon:

“Maybe, you know, someday, if we fine-tune and iterate on it, it will be great and we’ll think about it that way…But we’re not even remotely thinking about it that way right now.”

I know I’m diving back in to Overwatch to try more Capture the Rooster. So far, it’s fun, but I feel like there’ve been a lot of draws. How are you liking it?