Do you own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Have you been ignoring Overwatch due to a lack of funds or general disinterest. Listen up, friends. You will soon have a chance to play the game that’s chewed through well over 150 hours of my personal free time since it launched in May for free.

Overwatch will be free to download and play on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from September 9 through 12. The free weekend is set to begin at the following times, put in a handy chart by Steven Khoo from Blizzard in email form. Thank you, Steven, for saving us from Google.

OW Free Weekend Times

All levels you achieve, loot boxes you earn and items you unlock will saved if you decide to pick up the console edition of Overwatch after the free trial is all done.

The trial features the full game, too. All heroes, skins, maps, modes, everything. Completely free for the weekend.

Get in there, you guys. Overwatch is a blast.