What a bummer… I finally had a chance to put some real, genuine time into Overwatch away from a crowded convention show floor, and I loved it.

It’s fast, exhilarating, rewarding, varied, looks wonderful and exhibits that quintessential Blizzard polish that makes their games cruise along so well.

Like binging a television show in its entirety only to walk away with that hole in your free time and nothing to fill it, I mourn for the loss of Overwatch. I’m not in the closed beta like those chosen who walk among us.

Nope, I’m a commoner, blessed with the single chance to try the beta during its last stress test weekend. The game booted me once or twice, but that was it. Over something like a dozen hours of play, I experienced maybe two disconnects. I’d say the game is handling stress pretty well.

Not me, though. I’m stressed out because I have to wait for May 24 to play Overwatch again. That bummed out feeling had me wondering what it was I liked about the game so much, so I decided to take that thought to task here in this sort of impressions piece.

Overwatch Beta Over Sad Wolverine

Why I’m sad that the beta’s over…

It’s the characters, really. When I narrow down what has me thinking about Overwatch most, I consider the characters. Not only those I tried to wrap my head around during the small beta test window, but those I never even tried.

Blizzard has, so far, managed to create a cast of dramatically different and unique characters. The crazy thing? With the exception of perhaps Bastion, one I personally heard players complaining about during my games, these characters all feel genuinely balanced.

I tended to stick with a handful of characters while branching out randomly every now and again. My go-to heroes were McCree, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Pharah, Hanzo and Torbjörn. They’re shown in order in the gallery above.

As I got used to each character, I’d take a second and simply grab someone I thought looked cool.


That’s how I wound up going several rounds with D.Va and freakin’ loved her. She’s awesome. Her mech is fun, and the fact that you can set it to explode in a group of enemies as you make your escape on foot can turn a match in seconds.

Now I back up, look at the character roster and realize that, even after spending around 12 hours with the game, I still haven’t tried every character. I skipped Roadhog, Zaryia, Lúcio, Symmetra, Mei, Junkrat, Soldier 76, Reaper and Genji entirely. That’s more than a third of the roster that I didn’t even have a chance to touch. Not to mention the fact that I hardly scratched the surface with all the other characters.

I’m excited for Overwatch for a lot of reasons; however, the thing I’m really looking forward to is learning the ins-and-outs of each individual character. Normally, after 12 hours with a shooter, you can safely say that you understand the basic ebb and flow of each class. Not here, not for me.

Overwatch could be the game that keeps on giving, especially if Blizzard slowly rolls out new heroes that are just as compelling and balanced as this original pile.

Is it May 24 yet?