Could we be getting an Overwatch even for Valentine’s day in around a month? It sounds, literally, like that might be the case.

Redditor /u/akhanubis did some digging and found some unused lines on the recently patched PTR for Overwatch. One of which includes Genji and Mercy exchanging chocolates, potentially confirming the relationship hinted in the Christmas comic.

Then we have Genji and Hanzo talking about chocolates.

And another line that’s new but doesn’t have anything to do with candy or love. Well, maybe a little love.

Blizzard did say more holiday stuff was coming

In a video update that went out before Christmas, Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan said that more holiday and seasonal events were coming soon. They happen at around every two months, and February would line up with that given that the last started in early December.

If the Valentine’s event happens in Overwatch, we’ll be all over it.