We all know that Blizzard is releasing Overwatch on the PC platform. The game will look and run fantastically, especially if your rig is up to the task. What about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Eurogamer was able to chat with Game Director Jeff Kaplan about how the game will run on the consoles. It turns out, according to Kaplan, that it runs quite well given the nature of the hardware.

“It’s using a scaling resolution system, so if you’re in [an] optimal environment, it’ll as max resolution as the system allows.”

That means 1080p at 60fps. Kaplan continues.

“It maintains those most of the time, you know? We’re constantly tracking how the performance is doing there. And then, obviously, if there’s a lot going on at once, you know, getting 12 Zaryas in the room and then all hit your Ultimate at the same time, it’ll scale down accordingly to make sure that it maintains that 60 frames per second.”

This all comes from a video, which you can watch at the base of this post.

Overwatch will hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 24, 2016. Which platform are you aiming to snag the shooter on?