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The first playable hero in Overwatch? Tracer. She’s been the brand since the game’s announcement, and she’s stood as one of the most popular characters. But the inspiration for Overwatch‘s art design? That comes from the Swedish turret builder.

Overwatch Art Director Bill Petras and Assistant Art Director Arnold Tsang told folks that Torbjorn was the starting point for the game’s iconic art design. This makes sense, as he’s a natural bridge between the fantasy of WarCraft and the future of Overwatch.

Here’s Tsang, according to Kotaku, during a GDC panel this week.

“The dwarven blacksmith [archetype], Torbjorn, was so integral in not only bridging that gap between classic Blizzard and Overwatch, but also in how he helped develop our art style… He wasn’t the first hero that made it into the game—that was Tracer—but artistically we used Torbjorn as our art visual target, and he was the first one we modeled. We did a lot of our R&D around Torbjorn.”

I’ve always loved Torbs…

Toblerone hasn’t always been the most respected hero. Before his recent buff, he was pretty bad. Now? He’s ability to generate scrap constantly over time has made him a solid pick on defense, and I love lining up a few absurd headshots during Molten Core.

His art style and voice work, though? Even when he wasn’t a balanced hero, those points were always great.