Terry Crews – actor, painter, father, and humanity’s best hope when machines or aliens have to decide whether we’re worth saving – is a PC gamer. He’s also a fan of one of our favorite games, Overwatch. The actor has expressed interest previously in joining the cast of the game, but now it seems things are getting serious. Or, at the very least, Blizzard is listening.

Crews recently visited the developer and posted the above picture, asking in a post to his official Facebook page, “Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real??” Following his visit, a blog post to Crews’ own page, ArtBuff, fueled the fire even further. In his Facebook post, Crews called Overwatch one of his favorite games and the team at Blizzard geniuses.

The character Doomfist has been teased in Overwatch ever since the very first trailer for the game, and hints that he would join the cast of characters have appeared throughout the game’s levels and art.

The addition of Doomfist next would make sense, as he’d likely be a tank-style character, a heavy character meant to take damage. The last two additions, Ana and Sombra, were offense and support characters, so a tank can’t be far off. Whether or not Crews himself is the right fit for the character Blizzard has in mind is another story entirely. It’s possible that the enthusiastic star was just enjoying the benefits of his celebrity and visiting the studio behind his favorite game, or maybe he and Blizzard are in real talks to bring him in.

As you may have guessed, I’m all for it. Meanwhile, you can catch Crews in Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine or in any of those weird Old Spice commercials.