There’s this ongoing campaign between Overwatch fans and Terry Crews, former NFL player and actor, to see him voice Doomfist. Doomfist is the rumored next hero for Overwatch.

Yahoo’s esports-focused arm caught up with Crews last week, and they gave him the chance to deliver a mock audition for the role. Crews, clearly, nails it.

Here’s the video.

I love that this is a thing right now

Official? No, far from it. We don’t really have any indication that this team up is happening. Crews visited Blizzard’s HQ not too long ago, though I can’t imagine he’d be publicly working for his chance to play Doomfist if he actually already agreed to it. One has to imagine Blizzard has crazy NDAs in place for this sort of thing.

Or, wait, maybe Blizzard asked Crews to continue with all of this hype building? If anyone else voices Doomfist at this point, will fans even be happy? Blizzard wouldn’t disappoint us after all this hype, would they?

It’s not like they’ve ever done that before… Oh, wait.