Overwatch will officially be a year old this month. In that year, we’ve seen five events bring tons of new skins, emotes, victory poses, sprays and voice lines. A lot of those skins have been legendary.

Symmetra hasn’t received a legendary skin since launch. She has four, but there are essentially only two unique skins with different shaders. You basically have two legendary looks to choose from for Symmetra, and that’s no good since she’s picked quite a bit since her buff not too long ago.

Some Overwatch players took to the Battle.net forums to talk about how Symmetra is due for a new legendary skin, and Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan hopped into the thread to calm these fears quickly. His response was succinct and positive.

I think Symmetra fans will be very pleased soon.

Hanzo’s due, too

The most recent buff made Hanzo’s arrows charge 10 percent faster. That’s great, but I’m not sure the hero’s where he should be just yet. He’s still a highly criticized pick over most modes, and that’s frustrating for someone (like me) who dig the hero in general.

He hasn’t had a legendary skin since launch, either. He’s getting a few soon, though. Hopefully around the same time as Symmetra.