The clip below starts off with Reinhardt. Then it transitions to something much more sinister. It transitions to Genji. Random2129 on the Overwatch subreddit posted a video he titled “Initial D.”

NSFW warning for language… being quite loud.

That’s, of course, a reference to both Initial D, the classic driving anime, and Genji. G for Genji, get it? My god, it’s absolutely terrible.

The video gave me a good chuckle for a few minutes

The clip, overall, is pretty funny. The player, Random, does a semi-decent job in the footage we see of actually getting kills in Quick Play as the cyborg ninja. As one player notes at one point in the clip, though, that’s likely because he has a fundamental understanding of how Overwatch works. That is, he gets the mechanics well enough to know when to use which abilities to his advantage.

Still, playing with a steering wheel is absolutely ridiculous, and the clip is well worth a few minutes of your free time. Earth shattering? No, absolutely not. Incredibly silly? Yes. Those are the types of videos I dig most, quite frankly.