Overwatch‘s Public Test Realm (PTR) was updated today, and that 380-ish MB patch brought Sombra. The newest hero is an offensive character with a skill set centered around hacking.

There’s a lot more to the patch that we’ll dive into in the coming days, but Sombra is certainly the most hyped.

I cruised around the Hero Gallery in the video above. I looked at each unlockable item. I moved a bit quickly, so I also grabbed screenshots of each thing. You can dig into those below.

How can you get into Overwatch‘s PTR?

The PTR is only available on the PC platform. You can find it in the Battle.net launcher. Access to the PTR is open to all, just click the drop down above the Play Now button. Your PTR progress will not carry over to the main game.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need more Sombra.