We’ve known Sombra was going to join the Overwatch cast for months, but today at BlizzCon, Blizzard finally made it official.

Blizzard debuted the above animated short by having the new Overwatch hero “hack” into a presentation recapping the game’s launch earlier this year. Not only is Sombra coming, but a new map and new modes as well. If you’re playing Overwatch on PC, you’ll be able to start checking these out when the Overwatch Public Test Region server is updated next week.

While this is just an animated short, it does seem to offer some insight into what all Sombra will be able to do. It looks like she’ll have the same pea-shooter pistol that characters like Mercy and D.Va do, but will be able to teleport and manipulate the environment around her.

A new map, a new mode

The map will be called Eco Point, and is based around Mei, the ice-wielding character that ruins all our best-laid defense and attack plans. The new mode will be an Arcade Mode, which includes 1v1 and 3v3 play, and will feature “a variety of regularly rotating alternate game modes.”

Information about Sombra has been trickling out for months, with hints coming even as far back as the game’s open beta period. Just a few days ago, art leaked out that has turned out to be accurate. The game around her reveal dragged on a bit too far, but she’s finally a real thing we can look forward to. The map and new modes have been on fans lips for months as something to help keep the game fresh, but they didn’t receive the same kind of attention as the hacker. They’re just as welcome, though.

While the new content goes lives on the PTR next week, there’s no word yet on when we’ll see it on the live server. If you’re eager to check out the new shiny stuff as soon as it goes live, Blizzard has instructions on how to join their PTR right here.