A light warning: There’s some not-safe-for-work imagery and language in this short, found below. If you’re watching this one in a public space, be sure to toss on some headphones. It’s nothing major or horrible, but I figure you should be warned.

Alright, Overwatch has some outstanding shorts. These are clips that highlight backstory for some of the 21 characters currently on the Overwatch roster. Yesterday, we saw the release of “Dragons,” a short that told a brief tale about Genji and Hanzo.

YouTuber, gamer and streamer Krunkidile predicted the plot of the short, roughly, before it even aired, offering that, in spite of great visuals, Blizzard’s writing is lacking. Krunkidile took that prediction and animated the short before it happened, coming pretty darn close to the final version. Here’s the parody.

“Dragonz,” the parody, was uploaded at 4:33am ET, while Blizzard’s “Dragons” wasn’t published until 1pm ET on that same day. No funny business went down here, just solid prediction.

I still like Overwatch‘s shorts, predictability and all. I’m sure Krunkidile would say the same.

Overwatch will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on May 24, 2016.