Boop boop swoop doop bwhirrr boop, am I right?

A leaked image from the Russian arm of Blizzard has, apparently, spoiled a bit of the surprise the company has in store for Gamescom next week. On August 18th, according to the since pulled image (which you’ll see below), Bastion will star in his on Overwatch short titles “The Last Bastion.”

Bastion Leaked Short Image OW

This would be the fourth character specific short we’ve seen for the game, and it’s one I’m actually really looking forward to. I know Bastion gets a lot of flak from the community for being a “left-click simulator,” but his design and premise are both really great. I like the character behind Bastion, and I want that fleshed out in narrative form.

So, if the short does indeed go live on the 18th, we’ll have it here for you. Stay tuned.