There’s a new player reporting system currently in the PTR (Public Test Realm) of Overwatch. That means Blizzard is testing it and will roll it over to the main client when it’s ready.

The system is way more robust than what we have in the main build now, offering a diverse swath of reporting features and explicit details. Here’s a GIF of it in action.

What’s most interesting is that the new system discourages bad reporting

If you watch that GIF rolling above, you’ll notice that selecting the reason for reporting a player pops up two explanations. For instance, it’ll say “ABUSIVE CHAT IS:” and then rolls through a list that cites hateful, obscene or harassing chat. Below that, though, it explicitly offers “ABUSIVE CHAT IS NOT:” and details that simply asking a player to switch heroes or strategies isn’t abusive.

Blizzard surely wades through a lot of bad reports. In fact, there are gamers who abuse the reporting system, and I’d wager that a majority of the players reported are innocent of what they’re being accused of. This system could cut that down, and it could also lead to better, more consistent reporting. That’d clean up the Overwatch experience for everyone.