The current round in Overwatch not going your way? You better stick it out like a good sport. Blizzard has introduced penalties for leaving games before they’re done.

It’s a pretty fair system that allows some space for having to drop every once in a while if you run short on time to play. This happens to me often enough, so I’m glad that won’t really affect my ability to enjoy Overwatch.

Blame my kids and their “needs.”

The penalty is rather harsh once you do quit enough to incur it. You’ll see 75% less XP in your future games until your completion percentage gets better. Here’s exactly how Blizzard lays it out.

Leaving Games

  • Leaver Penalty
    • If a player’s game completion percentage falls below our required threshold, they will now receive a warning message (this percentage is calculated based on their 20 most recent games)
    • If that players continues to leave games after receiving this warning, they will incur a 75% XP penalty for future games
    • This penalty will be removed once the player raises their game completion percentage above our required threshold (again, this percentage is calculated based on their 20 most recent games)
  • Play Interactivity
    • Players who are in the team spawn room and have selected a hero will no longer be removed for inactivity until 45 seconds after a game has started
    • Players actively browsing heroes in the “Assemble Heroes” selection screen will no longer be considered inactive
  • Removed initial warning message displayed after leaving a game
  • Note: Competitive Play will have additional rules and penalties for leaving games

I’m down with all of that.