Well, well, well, Pharah mains, it looks like you might soon have the ability to take to the skies indefinitely.

Blizzard dropped a patch in the PTR (Public Test Realm) for Pharah that dramatically changes her flight mechanic. Thanks to the rate her fuel drains and how quickly rocket boost cools down, players can keep her in the air. Indefinitely. You won’t need to touch the ground to recharge fuel, either, thanks to the patch.

Take to the skies and stay there.

PC Gamer has a clip of this in action.

Pharah’s patch could make for easy pickins’

Whenever I see an annoyingly good Pharah on the opposing team, I switch to Soldier 76 or McCree and make it my mission to swat her out of the sky. Both heroes are solid when it comes to picking Pharah off, and that’s something most teams need to take objectives.

When Pharah’s floating in the air, she’s much easier to pick off. Players need to get good at strafing and moving erratically in flight, something that only comes with practice. For me as Soldier 76, I just need a patient set of clicks.

This buff could make Pharah really strong in the right hands. In the wrong hands, she might be easier to put down.

As with all things in testing, this patch could change. Blizzard has it on the PTR for a reason. They might not get the right feedback for Pharah’s new flight, so don’t consider this full game ready yet.