“Man, Reinhardt’s ultimate is so broken!” That’s something I’ve heard in chorus since essentially the launch of Overwatch. The Earthshatter smashes the ground and puts everyone in its path down for a while so Rein and his team can dish out some significant damage. A good Earthshatter can result in a team wipe, so it really stinks when it catches you while you think you’re safe.

Well, the Earthshatter has been toned down a touch in the most recent patch for Overwatch.


  • Effective height has been lowered from 3 meters to 2 meters
  • The height threshold of objects that Earthshatter can “climb” has been lowered from 3 meters to 2 meters, making Earthshatter less likely to climb tall objects as it “crawls” along the ground.

Furthermore, Soldier 76’s bullet damage has been reduced by one point taking some of the wind out of his “must pick” sails.

Changes for Reaper, Hanzo, Genji and more

The patch changes don’t stop there. Reaper, Hanzo and Genji all get quality of life changes that make playing them much better. Orisa’s shield has a shorter cooldown while the damage bump from her ultimate has been nerfed. Here’s the full list, courtesy of BlizzTrack. The patch is live now.


  • Removed the attack cooldown from Genji’s wall climbing ability, allowing him to engage with enemies immediately after completing a climb

Developer Comments: This is a quality of life change to make wall climbing feel better.


  • Removed the attack cooldown from Hanzo’s wall climbing ability, allowing him to engage with enemies immediately after completing a climb
  • Storm Bow
    • Increased charge speed by 10%
    • Charged arrows now maintain their charge after climbing a wall, provided the button is continuously held

Developer Comments: Decreasing Hanzo’s draw time gives him more overall DPS, while also letting him fully charge an arrow and more quickly return to full movement speed when needed. And, like the change to Genji’s wall climbing, this is a quality of life change that will make climbing feel better.


  • Fusion Driver
    • Damage reduced by 15%
  • Protective Barrier
    • Cooldown reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds

Developer Comments: To help Orisa maintain the front line for her team, we’re reducing the cooldown of her Protective Barrier. This change also helps her reposition the barrier more easily when needed. To compensate for this new defensive strength, we’re reducing her Fusion Driver’s damage, as it felt too high.


  • Wraith Form
    • Ammo is now entirely refilled when Wraith Form is used

Developer Comments: Wraith Form is typically used as an escape ability after firing. This change gives Reaper a fighting chance if an enemy chases him down as he uses it.