Overwatch on consoles has been patched. That patch, along with bringing Sombra and new game modes, brought PS4 Pro support to the PlayStation version of the game.

The two versions were compared on video by Arekkz Gaming, and you can see that lengthy clip below.

Overwatch on PS4 Pro looks about the same as the one on PS4

Oh, sure, the resolution difference is there and colors are certainly deeper, but the overall product looks largely the same. I credit Blizzard’s art choice for that one.

The clean and cartoon-esque look of Overwatch makes it possible for lesser machines to produce a game that still looks really, really good in motion. Blizzard made sure to get the title running at 60fps for consoles, and that’s no different here.

The PS4 Pro version is a touch smoother when one looks closely, but that’s really about it. Both versions look great, to be honest.

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