Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently hosted another developer update, which you’ll find below. The video checks in at 11 minutes in length, and it covers what’s happened in 2016 for Overwatch as well as what’s set to come early next year.

We went ahead and recapped some of the bigger stuff for you.

Will changes come to Sombra?

When Sombra dropped in Overwatch, players were quite iffy on whether or not she was a good character. You’ll catch flak if you go to use her in competitive, as she’s typically reserved for goofing off and learning in quick play.

At least, that’s how it is now.

Kaplan and team think that what happened with Ana may happen with Sombra. That is, players think she’s bad until they master her. Now, I’ll say that my group of friends loved Ana and almost always picked her after launch, especially when they patched her gun to shoot even faster. Sombra? We rarely pick her.

Kaplan says that they’re taking a slow approach to Sombra with all that in mind. They’re hoping to get her right.

What else is coming to Overwatch?

  • More seasonal events, and some we might not expect
  • Oasis, the new map, should be coming relatively soon. They’re thinking very early 2017
  • They have a new character who’s close enough for artwork, which means they’re getting sort of close to release
  • Blizzard’s working on a server browser
  • We’ll see customization for the communication wheel, too, to get extra voice lines and communication features
  • We’ll also see more maps and modes, including more experimental stuff

I’ve played a lot of Overwatch this year. It’s one of my favorites from 2016. The way things are going, I’ll probably still be playing in 2017, too.

We’ll have more on these updates as they come.