Yesterday, the social media arms of the Overwatch team released a video that teased some incoming information. The PR rep emailed us a link to this tweet.

Right, “Mission files unlock: April 11?” If I didn’t know better than to wildly guess here, I’d say we’re about to see some story-based missions. The video references King’s Row, Mandatory Robot Registration and what looks like a shot of Tracer floating in the background. That last one is what I see, and I could totally be wrong.

The Lead Character Artist seems hyped

Blizzard Lead Character Artist Renaud Galand shared a post on Facebook following the tease from Blizz. In it, he writes “I can’t wait to share more of this as it is, in my opinion, one of the best thing [sic] we have worked on since launch!”

Knowing that Blizzard takes all phases of production extremely seriously when it comes to quality control and diligence, reading that this upcoming bit of content is the best the team has worked on has me interested.

We’ll know more on April 11. Any guesses?