Wedding bells rain from above? Maybe. YouTuber and gamer Cleverdingbat shared a video of his proposal with the world that he titled "An Overwatch Marriage Proposal." He tricks, now fiancee, into joining a private match, has some friends arrange Symmetra's turrets into a heart, steps through a teleporter and pops the question.

Here's the video. It's, man, it's something.

I always dig video game proposals like these. I mean, it's absolutely not the way I'd do it, but my wife isn't much of a gamer. I imagine folks who do this and see success made a great choice. Their brides and grooms-to-be are probably super pumped.

I just, yeah. I don't think I could do it. Maybe I'm not brave enough. Maybe it's too cheesy. I don't know.

Would you ever propose in a game? Have you? How'd that go?