Pretty much everyone expected Overwatch, the upcoming multiplayer shooter from Blizzard, to be a free-to-play game, considering the current trend with their games and with multiplayer shooters in general. It was a surprise when the developer announced they’d be charging for the game and including all the launch character’s in the box. What about the future of the game, though – the post-launch characters and maps?

Those, too, will be free of charge.

In a developer update video, Game Director Jeff Kaplan said that any new heroes and maps added to Overwatch post-launch will be free updates, not paid content.

The game’s special editions come with some new player skins, so it seems pretty likely that character and maybe even weapon skins will become a big source of revenue for the game.

This is the right way to go about it. Many multiplayer games suffer when their audience fractures due to lack of access to content. Skins let the most devoted players customize their characters without putting off the more casual players or those simply testing the waters.

Kaplan goes into this as well as a variety of player concerns in the video below: