Part of Blizzard’s attempt to celebrate the Summer Olympics with the Overwatch community is the currently running a temporary Lúcioball game type. It’s essentially Rocket League with Lúcio.

Players have managed to find ways to get other characters onto the digital pitch, complete with the ability to shoot and kill enemy Lúcios while pushing the ball into the goal. Blizzard absolutely noticed this, and Director Jeff Kaplan addressed the bug and warned exploiters on Here’s his full post.

Apologies for this bug. We’ve attempted to fix it numerous times and have had unrelated issues preventing the fix. We hope to have a fix this week.

In the meantime, we are in discussions with our Customer Support group to start taking action against those deliberately using the bug to play heroes other than Lucio.

Please do not exploit this bug. Fair warning.

Silly game type or not, would-be cheaters have been warned.

Stick to Lúcio, friends.