We know that new Overwatch character Ana is coming along before too long – she’s playable on the test server already, and from chatter around the internet, it sounds like people are having a blast with her. With that in mind, you might be tempted to save your current loot boxes in hopes of getting some Ana-specific items when she comes along.

Developer Blizzard says you’ll be disappointed.

“Now that we’ve revealed our upcoming hero, Ana, we know that some of you may want to try to prepare for her arrival either by stocking up on loot boxes or holding off on opening the ones you already have,” said an Overwatch community manager on the game’s official forums. “Before you do that, please remember the following: Loot box contents are generated at the time that they were earned or purchased. NOT when they are opened.”

This also applies to loot boxes you purchased with real currency instead of acquiring though leveling. Only loot boxes acquired after she joins the ranks for public play will have a chance of containing items for her.

You can still save up your loot boxes if you really want to, and treat them like a Christmas morning gift opening session. Just be aware that Ana won’t be part of the ceremony. Instead, you’ll probably just get Symmetra skins. Nothing but Symmetra skins.