Oh, I’m unlucky, too. I didn’t get a single gold throughout the entire event. No big deal. Unlike everyone else, I wasn’t particularly blown away by D.Va or Mei’s legendary skin. I did get Tracer’s less-than-legendary, though, so that’s great.

Folks on the online Overwatch communities, though, have been saying that they feel like the quality item drop rates have been lowered for the Year of the Rooster event Loot Boxes. They think Blizzard reduced the rate of legendary drops to increase Loot Box sales as players coveted those sweet, sweet skins.

Not so, decrees Game Director Jeff Kaplan on the Battle.net forums.

The drop rates for Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland and Year of the Rooster are all the same.

Dangit, Blizz, I wanted to believe it was you

I didn’t want to think it was just my crappy luck that lead to less than stellar drops during the event. I wanted to think it was Blizz, tweaking their numbers like a carnival attendee bending their rims and greasing their bottles.

Nope, it was me. It was all of us. We’re just unlucky. Here’s hoping for some good drops at the next event.