The third issue in Blizzard’s run of digital short comics for Overwatch is now live on You can actually find it in full through their fancy reader by hitting the source link at the base of this post.

This issue’s titled “Going Legit,” and it’s all about Junkrat and Roadhog and their crack at what they think is law-abiding, mercenary work. The issue is a quick read, and it offers just a little more exposition to the Overwatch universe.

Now that the open beta has officially ended, I’m taking my time away from the game to dig in and read what’s being offered up as far as this universe’s backstory goes. I actually spoke at length with Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller a few weeks back about the game, which you can read in full here. In that chat, we touched on how Blizzard is handling the game’s storytelling.

On that note, with the story… is it sort of an ambient thing?

Yeah, in the game the story is more ambient. We try to put different things in the levels to tell some of the story. Like, before we announced Soldier 76, there were pieces of information about him in one of our maps, you know? We do things like that.

And then, we’re also trying to do a lot of the story telling outside of the game. At its heart, this is a multiplayer shooter. We don’t have cutscenes. It’s all about the core gameplay, and we want to make it as crisp and as fun as possible. So, we’re trying to do storytelling outside.

Will the shorts continue after the game launches?

Yep, we have more shorts coming. We also have more digital comics coming. We have a graphic novel coming. At PAX, you can get the hard copy version of it. Otherwise, it’ll exist as a digital version.

Based on the issue I received at PAX, the graphic novel will be published by Dark Horse.

What do you think of Overwatch‘s characters and extended universe?