This might be the day that the wild goose chase of hype and disappointment begins again for Overwatch and its next hero. Or, it might be the day that Blizzard starts hyping a character properly.

Reddit user Venxa posted a thread on the Overwatch subreddit in the wee hours of this morning, eastern time. They noticed that in the files for the new PTR (Public Test Realm, or beta version on PC), Blizzard’s uploaded a 3D model for the payload on the Numbani map. You know that payload, friends. It’s the one with Doomfist’s glove encased in glass. The 3D model in the PTR shows that glass case broken and the glove missing. The gallery below features both images. You can zoom in and flip between them with the arrow keys.

This could absolutely be nothing, or it could be Blizzard teasing the unveiling of Doomfist. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take like half a year to get him. They bungled Sombra, in my opinion.

If Doomfist happens, it’s gotta be Terry Crews

At this point, between the mock auditions and the hype, if Doomfist comes, he has to be voiced by Terry Crews. The actor has been a force among PC gamers and Overwatch fans over the last few months, and Blizzard’s obviously been watching their community closely.

After all the Sombra stuff, Crews storming in as Doomfist would be a great way to calm the hordes. I’d love to see him fill the role.