We’ve heard all about Ana, Overwatch‘s latest hero, and the changes made to heroes like Zenyatta, Mercy and D.Va; but, Blizzard’s been quiet about another change introduced with the latest PTR patch. They’ve tweaked hitbox sizes in the game.

In the standard build, when behind walls and around corners, heroes have hitboxes that are large enough to be hit by shots even if they break line of sight with their enemies. That is, you could be standing entirely behind a wall and invisible to your opponents, and your hitbox actually extends beyond the wall in such a way that you can be hit and killed without being seen.

That’s apparently changed. The video above, posted to the Overwatch subreddit, shows the new hitboxes in action. The size has been drastically reduced. Another video, in that same Reddit thread, shows that these changes occur in the open, too, not just around corners.

I might catch some flak for this, but I find these changes to be pretty frustrating. While I think it’s absurd that you can hit players behind walls and out of sight, the larger hitboxes are almost a requirement for play in open space. Hanzo is great at range, but the big hitboxes are a necessity for him to stay even remotely competitive when someone like a Tracer gets close. With hitboxes that are essentially the size of the heroes’ heads, Hanzo is in big trouble.

This patch is only live in PTR, so it has been developed for testing. Blizzard is certainly watching how fans react to these changes, and I hope they strike a happy balance. If I were in charge? I’d reduce the hitbox size only when line-of-sight is broken. That, to me, makes sense. Then again, I’m not a game developer.

What do you think?