I won’t lie. When my friends and I are looking to goof around while playing Overwatch in groups of six in Quick Play, we regularly stack heroes. That is, we pick multiples of the same hero to see if we can foil our opponents’ plans.

We’ll run six Torbjörns or four Meis and two Lucios just to see if it’s possible. Sometimes we’ll win, sometimes we’ll lose, but we always have a good time doing it. Would we try this in the upcoming Competitive Mode? Certainly not, and we’d likely get stomped by solid players. Hero stacking is easily defeated, it just takes strategy and communication.

That doesn’t stop opponents from complaining in chat or outright quitting as soon as we beat them back for a minute or two. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been threatened with reports for this style of play. It happens constantly.

What does Blizzard think of hero stacking? It’s totally legit, according to the game’s official Twitter account. Here’s how they responded when asked if duplicate heroes will be disabled.

I’m with them, obviously. A Reinhardt, Lucio, Junkrat, Pharah and Widowmaker or Hanzo can beat an all Torbjörns team. I know. It’s happened to me.

What do you think? Is hero stacking bogus, or should gamers turn to teamwork and strategy to conquer the play?