Over the weekend and leading up to the one-year anniversary of Overwatch that will be official this Tuesday, Game Director Jeff Kaplan sat down with IGN to dish one secret about each hero from the game. Two episodes of that series have gone live, one for support heroes and one for tanks.

We have both videos for you right here.

First up, we have the video about the support heroes. You’ll learn about early design stuff for Zenyatta, Symmetra and Mercy. Like, did you know that Mercy was once named Angelica and Pharah was named Mercy? The “Pharmercy” fanfic continues!

Now, we have the tank heroes. Some obvious ones in here like, Zarya is strong and Winston’s design is crazy, but there are still some cool tidbits worth hearing about and seeing.

We’ll share the clips for the defense and offense heroes once they’re live. The anniversary event for Overwatch kicks off on Tuesday.