The slow reveal for Sombra in Overwatch was pretty cool. Until it wasn’t cool. It moved from interesting hints and tidbits to an endless wave of countdowns. She was first teased back in July. She was officially revealed in November.

That’s a long time to wait, and some members of the community became frustrated. We even wrote about how Blizzard perhaps took things too far.

Well, it turns out the developer recognizes their amateurism here.

Speaking with Kotaku, Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman offered this about the ARG for Sombra.

“We were definitely taking the feedback… I think it was fair, the feedback. We’re not very good at ARGs. We’ve never done one before.”

An ARG for Sombra was a great idea with poor execution

Goodman explained that “Overall, I think it was a success.” He offers that they “got to show off Sombra in ways that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. People get an idea of who she is and a little bit of her personality before we even unveiled her.”

I was annoyed by the length of the ARG, and I think that’s where Blizzard goofed with Sombra. The notion of building a hero in this unique way before revealing her? I love that.

It makes sense that Sombra, a hacker, would take logic and puzzle solving to discover. It’s just that Blizzard never really rewarded the community in a meaningful way.

That, to me, was the fault with the Sombra ARG. I loved the idea, and I think it was neat in hindsight; but, I didn’t love the execution.

Sombra is out now on Overwatch‘s PTR. You can check out her skins and more here.