Simple geometry…

With today’s event rolling in, there’s a new batch of skins and the like coming for the roster of heroes. They leaked in an image ahead of the reveal. Missing from that fresh stack of skins was Hanzo. Hanzo hasn’t received a single new legendary skin since the game’s launch, being skipped for the likes of Halloween, Christmas, Year of the Rooster and the Olympic events.

In a thread by fans complaining about this lack of a skin for Hanzo, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan popped on to drop some simple knowledge on the group of frothing fans. Hanzo’s set to get some really good skins soon.

Hanzo has 3 amazing legendary skins in production right now.

Right, that’s it. Concision.

I love Hanzo, despite the insults

I love playing with Hanzo in Overwatch. I try not to pick him in competitive play unless the situation warrants it, but he’s one of my favorite heroes in the game. Hearing that he has three legendary skins on the way is tremendous news for players like me.

I was, when the game launched, a Hanzo main like so many others.