The upcoming Competitive Mode slated to hit Overwatch at the end of June, if Blizzard stays on track, will reward its best players. How has not really been known, but thanks to this recent leak provided by Korean Overwatch fans, we have an idea.

We’re looking at a slew of Golden Guns for the best players. How, exactly, the rewards will work is still unknown, but the current thinking is that each weapon will sell for 300 points earned specifically in competitive play.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan recent spoke in the Competitive Mode update about rewards, and he said that the best players will have access to the rewards sooner. Whether that means the points will be awarded throughout the season, after each game or right at the end remains to be seen.

The weapons themselves should certainly be rare, so I imagine amassing 300 points in Competitive Mode will not be an easy task.

Once this is fully defined by Blizzard, we’ll have the news.