Despite their lust for discovery, Overwatch fans now know there’s no Easter Egg tied to the crows in Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Overwatch was recently updated with a slew of Halloween themed content. Junkenstein’s Revenge is part of the update, and it’s a PvE mode that puts four heroes against waves of Zomnics. It occurs in a spooky version of Eichenwalde.

This mode features unique Halloween set pieces, and one of them is the murder of crows hanging out on ledges in the map’s distance. These crows have red eyes, and they explode into a small poof of feathers when you shoot them.

We played a quick round of Junkenstein’s Revenge once the update released, and you can see that and the crows in the video below.

Caught up? Great.

A user on the Overwatch subreddit created a thread called “Crow Easter egg.” In the text box, this user laid out an elaborate set of steps to reveal an Easter Egg that they and their friends were working on clearing. It sounds a lot like the meticulous Battlefield Easter Egg from not too long ago.

You get small series of beeps which then refer to the bricks in the wall on the bridge as the beeps are in binary ( dots and dashes , 1 & 0 accordingly) , me and a couple people heard “the wall” being said by a croaky feminine voice so we then associated it, we just need to figure out the next step and what it leads to, we also don’t know if it is the wall on the bridge or the door as they both stick out to us, we are about to try the door, will keep you all updated.


The thread’s opening content was deleted, but here’s exactly what was said.

Skeptical readers demanded video, but, as is maddeningly cliché, OP never delivered.


Polygon reached out to Blizzard for a comment on this whole thing, and the maker of Overwatch shot it down.

“This appears to be a false Easter egg,” the Blizzard rep explained. “The Overwatch team did not include any Easter egg within Junkenstein’s Revenge involving the crows.”

Diehards will emphasize that the statement explicitly offers there’s no Easter Egg connected to the crows. Clearly, there’s an Easter Egg connected to something else.


Where’s Sombra?