One gamer has discovered a bit of fun in Overwatch. Don’t mind the Russian, if you can’t read the language. I can’t, and I was just fine. A store front window for a shop called Bell on King’s Row, one of Overwatch‘s several maps, is a bit deceiving. That’s been noted and captured by YouTuber Punished Dartjuk.

The clip silly, for sure, but the music is what seals the deal. Friends, I’ve been dying over here thanks to the great use of the X-Files theme.

Thank you, Punished Dartjuk, this was a great way to take a break during my day.

It’s interesting that this slipped by, given Blizzard’s attention to detail. The maps are so packed with nods and references that one would assume Blizzard’s been over them countless times. Oh well, it’s still funny.