Doomfist has officially hit the PTR (Public Test Realm) for Overwatch. This new hero has arrived after all the speculation and tease from Blizzard. He’s not available in the main game yet, but expect him to transition over soon.

First thing’s first… despite rumors and such to the contrary, Doomfist is not voiced by Terry Crews. The community really wanted this to happen, but Blizzard likely decided against it seeing as Doomfist is from Nigeria. Having Crews, an American, fake a Nigerian accent would be weird.

That aside, this Doomfist looks pretty cool. He’s an Offense hero, and Blizzard has marked him as difficult to play. These are his abilities.

HAND CANNON Doomfist fires a short-range burst from the knuckles of his fist. Its ammunition is automatically regenerated over a short time.

SEISMIC SLAM Doomfist leaps forward and smashes into the ground, knocking nearby enemies toward him.

RISING UPPERCUT Doomfist uppercuts enemies in front of him into the air.

ROCKET PUNCH After charging up, Doomfist lunges forward and knocks an enemy back, dealing additional damage if they impact a wall.

THE BEST DEFENSE… Doomfist generates temporary personal shields when he deals ability damage.

METEOR STRIKE Doomfist leaps into the sky, then crashes to the ground, dealing significant damage.

The reveal also included an animated story trailer to provide a little background on the new hero.

Finally, Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan took time to talk extensively about Doomfist in the latest developer update.

If you have Overwatch on the PC, you can get into the PTR and try Doomfist for yourself. Everyone else will need to wait until he’s added to the main game.