I watched this video, and I sort of sat bewildered for a few minutes. The arrogance and ignorance on display in the clip stunned me.

An Overwatch player ranked extremely high on the PlayStation 4 platform targets individual opponents with a DDoS attack forcing them to disconnect from the match. This is competitive play, not that it’d be much better in Quick or Arcade. These are ranked matches against some of the best players on the platform in the world.

This guy is… man. See for yourselves.

“It’s bad for the community…”

The guy claims that what he’s doing isn’t wrong because he’s attacking private IPs. That’s terrible logic, and he’s more than likely violating the terms of service for both Overwatch and the PlayStation Network. He should, if the right people see the video (which is one of the reasons why we’re covering it), be banned from both.

He offers that if someone reports him, his entire team will be banned. He says that he’s researched this. Maybe that’s true. Maybe. One has to hope that Blizzard or Sony would take a look at this video, hear the responses and ban the right person. That’s NoTime214, by the way.

As one of his teammates says as the match wraps up, “it’s bad for the community.” That guys is absolutely right. This has no place in gaming. Don’t do it, and report those who do.