With the latest patch, Blizzard introduced Overwatch‘s Game Browser. With it, players will be able to sift through maps, modes and tweaks to find the exact game they want to play whenever they want to play it.

It’s a standard in PC games, so it’s great that Overwatch finally has it. Here’s the trailer the company released to showcase the addition.

Gameplay customization is here in a huge way

The Game Browser features a Create Game option that lets you tweak all sorts of settings. I mean, you can get incredibly granular. You can change objective settings, map settings and even individual hero settings. You could, maybe, make it so Zenyatta has 500% health, 500% speed and 500% damage. You can make him the only player on team B and task team A with killing him.

Zenyatta Hunter, anyone? Sounds pretty awesome to me.

I’m pretty excited to see the ridiculous game types that come from opening this stuff up. Kudos, Blizzard. This should be fun.