With the closing of Season 1 of Overwatch‘s Competitive Mode, Blizzard is hard at work on developing the next Season of the game type.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan took to another developer update video, seen below, to recap some of the major changes coming to Season 2 of Overwatch. They’re all pretty good, too.

You should watch the full video if you’re really interested in all the nuanced changes coming to Season 2, but I’ll recap some of the major ones here.

First and foremost, players will no longer be ranked on a scale of 1-to-100. Instead, that scale expands to 1-to-5,000. The larger span of the scale makes it so that matchmaking can be more precise. Instead of being with all level 51 ranked players, you’ll roll with 2,500-ish ranked players, and you’ll likely be much closer together in skill.

Sudden Death is going away (thank goodness!) as games can now end in a tie. Ties still get Skill points, just not as much as a win. These competitive games can last forever, so I’m cool with ditching the coin flip that put defenders at a disadvantage.

Finally, rounds after the first in Competitive will have a much shorter team assembly timer. Again, that should speed things up.

What do you think of the changes? I stepped away from Competitive after playing it quite a bit, but these tweaks make me likely to return.