The third season of Overwatch‘s Competitive Mode is now live and players are making their way through placement matches.

What’s a placement match? Fair question. Essentially, players start each season without a rank. They play 10 matches, and then Blizzard’s secret math formula awards them a Season Rank. That score positions them on the ladder for ranked matches, and they’ll move up and down with wins and losses.

With Season 3, Blizzard’s implemented “some slight adjustments.” They found that Gold and Platinum ranks “were significantly overpopulated.” Players were placed too high and then found themselves losing rank quickly as the season began.

Now? Here’s Blizzard:

To address these issues, we’ve made some slight adjustments to the Skill Rating system—and, as a result, skill ratings will be more widely distributed across all tiers for Season 3. Many players will be ranked lower than expected after their Season 3 placement matches; however, this should normalize as the season progresses.

Players are expressing frustration with placements

The season still has a lot of time to shake out, but a large pile of players on forums and communities like Reddit are crying foul. Essentially, they’re finding that high-ranked players from Season 2 are moving up, while mid-tier players are either staying the same or dropping significantly.

Of course, this has come as Blizzard’s using previous performance and new modifications to spread people along the competitive ladder. It’s still been frustrating.

With Season 2, I was mid-Platinum. I’ll play my placements tonight, probably, and I expect to see myself fall somewhere in the low-Gold range. That’s what I expect. Who knows what will happen.

How have your placements gone?